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1890 Silver Dollar Morgan
by yan guan - Пятница, 14 Ноябрь 2014, 7:22

1890 Silver Dollar Morgan

In 1890 the USA made Morgan type dollars. Look for any mint mark on the tiffany black fridayo back of the coin between the D and O in DOLLAR below the eagle. Also this coin date was produced in cyber monday tiffany the MILLIONS and are still readily available, thus the low prices for all the circulated specimens.

For grade 20 only two thirds of the hairlines from top forehead to ears must show. The ear should be tiffany uk outlet well defined and on the back the eagles breast feathers may be worn down.

Without seeing the coin I can only supply you with a range of values. Let me also note that you should never clean your black friday coins. This removes the surface protection and cuts the value from 30% to 60%!

Any defacement done outside the mint brings down the value of collectable coins. Depending on what areas tiffany and co are marred, how aggressively it happened and in what portions of the coin decide how much. (A mark in a place like Liberty s cheek is worse than a dig in the surrounding field.)

The value for an 1890 Philadelphia, New Orleans and San Francisco dollar in grade 20 is only about $17 to $20 dollars. The CC mint mark will sell from $90 to $175 in similar condition since it had a lower mintage.